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Selling on the internet

Asked by: Travis - 4 January, 2013 I currently live in Virginia. I am planning on manufacturing merchandise in my home and selling via the internet, craft shows and flea markets. I believe the majority of my sales will be via the internet. Do I need to get multiple state license? Should/can I register in WY? I am planning on relocating to a different state within the next 5 years. Thanks!
Answered by: Ray Albert - 6 January, 2013 Travis,

Technically speaking, when you operate an online business, you may register in states outside your home state of residence, such as registering your business in Wyoming.

Whatever state your company is registered in, you would be able to sell to customers in other states without being required to register in that state. For example, if your company is registered in Wyoming, and you sold products or services online to someone in California, you would not need to be registered in California to do so.

That being said, when you sell products in a physical location, such as a market or brick-and-mortar location, this would create nexus for the company in that state, and you would be required to carry a sales certificate (also called Sales Tax ID or reseller permit) from that state to operate legally. 

Please keep in mind as well, when registering a business outside your state of residence, if you are in fact conducting your busines in person and are planning to write off your business expenses you would have to register your business in Virginia anyway, either as domestic or foreign entity.


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