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Selling cigars in California

Asked by: Diane - 26 August, 2011 I live in Maryland and have a Maryland distributors license. Do I need anything else to sell to a California tobacco shop?
Answered by: Monique Blanchard - 29 August, 2011 Diane,

In order to sell tobacco products to California retailers you need to obtain California Tobacco Products Distributor license. Before obtaining this license you would need to register a California Sales Permit Account from Board of Equalization, and use that account number on your tobacco license.

Till this day its not clear to us if you are required to register your business as a Foreign Entity in California (there are conflicting opinions from various people we spoke with in Board of Equalization), so I think you can just get the Sales Permit as an Out-of-State entity and avoid registering as Foreign Entity in California.


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