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Scorp and DBA questions

Asked by: JoeM - 9 September, 2013 My wife has an S-corp here in NY city. She wants to change the name of the company. Can she just do a DBA with a different name under the umbrella of the same company. Do we have to change the bank account info? Do we get a new EIN? Will it complicate filing taxes... and filing Sales Tax?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 10 September, 2013 Joe,

You have two options: one is to file a DBA, this way your business would be able to use both names, and the other option is to amend the name of the corporation itself.

First solution is actually an easier one, because all you need to do is notify the bank (by presenting them with DBA registration), and that's pretty much it.

Second solution is a bit more complicated, as you will need to update records with the state (such as changing the name on the reseller permit, for example), the bank, the IRS, and everyone else with whom the company does business.


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