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Rush California S Corp

Asked by: Kim Hosking - 24 February, 2012 Please explain your fee, process and timing to rush and acquire a California S Corp within a week.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 24 February, 2012 Dear Kim,

California permits filing applications for company formation via mail or in person. Mail submissions take very long time (2-3 months), while in-person submissions are much faster (3-4 weeks), and come with an extra fee. There is a way to expedite the filing even further with in-person filing, by paying a non??“refundable expedited fee, that would get the company registered in 24-48 hours at the state level, with about 3-4 more days for confirmation to arrive in mail.

The problem is - in case the filing is rejected (which, unfortunately, do tend to happen quite often in California) the expedited fee is non??“refundable and the filing needs to be resubmitted again, meaning the processing would again take again another 3-4 weeks (for regular in??“person submissions) or about a week for expedited in-person filing.

We offer the expedited filing service taking into account the statistical possibility of rejection, however we do not typically guarantee processing time to be one week.


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