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Running foreign company incorporated in NJ without employee

Asked by: Narry Nagson - 15 October, 2012 Dear Sir
We have a company Inc in NJ running for more than 10 years with one employee. The company is a branch office opened by listed company from UK. The employee is leaving the company as he got another job. I would like to know:
1) Will the company keep running if we do not appoint another employee?
2) Can I manage and run the company sitting in London?
3) The employee informed me that if he remove his name from the NJ state, he has to remove his Social security number and once the social security number is removed the company cannot run without an employee with SSN?
4) Are there any companies who can help us run our company in NJ without us being employing any staff as it is very small company.

I would appreciate your valuable suggestions.

Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 16 October, 2012 Dear Narry,

Technically a US company doesn't need to have employees to run. I presume your employee was a sort of manager you listed as company representative, and from what you are describing he was probably listed as company representative with the IRS. If that's the case you can replace that person as company representative (no SSN is required). And yes, you can certainly run the company from London.

To give you a more complete answer it would be necessary for me to see the company documents, such as Articles of Incorporation, EIN letter, and any other government document related to the company, such as NJ tax registration.


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