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Running costs for Wyoming LLC

Asked by: clevercloggs  — 27 September, 2011

Hello, I would like to get a more definite idea about the yearly running/maintenance costs of having an LLC in Wyoming. I understand you need

1. a registered agent which you provide for $99
2. filing of annual report which you provide for $59; does this include or exclude the state fee which in the case of Wyoming is $50 if I remember correctly?

What about bookkeeping/accounting is this provided under your “filing” fee or is that a seperate service I will have to take care of.

Are there any other yearly costs I may have missed? Please give me a definite list of the yearly costs of maintaining an LLC in Wyoming for a non-US citizen.

Thanks in advance for your answer as well as for being such a fantastic resource.


Answered by: admin  — 27 September, 2011

Dear Visitor,

Your estimates are correct, the maintenance of a Wyoming company would cost you $99 (registered agent fee) + $52 (Annual report fee when filed online). If you choose to hire our service it would be $59 fee for filing the annual report. Our fee is standard for all states, however I want to note that Wyoming annual reports are not complicated and could be very well completed by the owner of the business.

As far as accounting/bookkeeping fees go it really depends on your choices – you could do your own bookkeeping and file a tax return, however it is recommended to hire a professional CPA to handle this part of the business. You could find a CPA who would do both for a reasonable fee (I would say ranging from ~$500 for a simple tax return to ~$2000 for a full service bookkeeping and tax return).

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