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Running an LLC from abroad

Asked by: Sarah D. - 4 May, 2012 Hi,

I'm looking at starting up a small sewing business online in the near future. This summer, though, I will be moving to Germany for 3 years. As a U.S. citizen is it possible to start an L.L.C. here in the state I am residing in, and run it from my address in Germany? Or would I need to get a GmbH? Also, would I need to pay both U.S. taxes and German taxes?

I appreciate any help you can give!

Sarah D.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 5 May, 2012 Dear Sarah,

First of all. there should be no problem for you to register an LLC in your state (or any other state) and run it from Germany. In fact you can use your German address as the business and mailing address of the business.

As far as registration of your business in Germany and questions of taxation - unfortunately its outside the scope of our website's specialization. Generally speaking, if you physically conduct your business in Germany you might be required to register it this way or another, however I would recommend you to consult a German tax specialist or a CPA for both questions of registration and questions of taxation.


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