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Reuse a DBA under a foreign entity

Asked by: Eco.Soul - 8 December, 2011 I have a DBA connected to my name in NJ, but I am in the process of establishing a corporation in Wyoming with the intent of setting up a foreign entity in NJ.

I would like to keep the alias I've been using with the current DBA as it is getting established locally.

Can I do this? If so, how can I maintain privacy under the new corporation? Is there any way that I can give up/release the name legally.
Answered by: Alec Green - 8 December, 2011 Dear Visitor,

Most states have ways for owners of DBAs to use those names when they incorporate or form LLCs in those states. For example some states allow use of a registered name a a name of a new entity if the owner of that name gives a consent to that.

As far as I know New Jersey DBA is registered on a county level, while the legal entities are registered on a state level. You might not even have a problem with reusing the name, but its something I would check directly with the state.


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