Requirements to Get Fed Tax ID by Canadians

Asked by: Bala  — 29 August, 2011

I have small business registered in Canada. Now i want to get Fed. Tax Id to become vendor for US companies. Please help me with the procedures. 1. Can i use my present Canadian address or should I use mu cousin address in Delaware? 2. Corporation or LLC- which is best ? Thanks Bala

Answered by: admin  — 29 August, 2011

Dear Bala,

First of all as a Canadian you can register an LLC or C-Corporation (not S-Corporation), and I would generally recommend forming an LLC, as it allows to do almost anything you might need from a company with minimal formalities.

When forming your LLC you could use a Canadian address as the business address, and this address can also be used to obtain your company’s Federal Tax ID (EIN).

Hope that answers your question.

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