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Remote working in Ohio

Asked by: Dee - 28 August, 2012 I have a company interested in hiring me from California. I live in Ohio and was told I would need a Corp (which I already had) for Business to Business contract. However today after weeks of jumping hoops and sending all info, I was told it would cost them too much money as they are not registered with Ohio. I can not find a thing on this. It does not seem to be any different then when we contracted our trucking Comp with out of state companies to carry loads. This is purely IT / Moderation on the internet work. What am I missing, other then I am starting to think they are not legit?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 29 August, 2012 Dear Dee,

If a company in California hires a company from Ohio to perform some work for it in California, there is absolutely no need for the California company to register in Ohio (if anything, the Ohio company might need to register in California if the nature of such work is continuous and presents a serious involvement for long period of time).

Without knowing the details of your engagement with this company it would be hard for me to advise you better, however it does sound strange, to say the least.


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