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Remote Contracting in USA for UK resident

Asked by: paul - 21 October, 2012 I am a UK national that wants to contract in the US. I have been working on a H1B for 18 months in the US but am going back to the UK in December. The employer wants me to contract for them remotely but I do not know what options are available to me. Should I set up a company in the US or just state that I am a non-resident foreigner independent contractor?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 23 October, 2012 Paul,

Technically, you could open an LLC in the US and provide your services to your former employer through this company, being physically in the UK. Make sure you set it all up while still in the US to be able to open a bank account (banks require physical presence of the owner).

I am not sure how you can do it as an independent contractor, I would recommend you to consult your accountant who is more familiar with IRS rules in cases such as this.


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