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Reinstating a corporation

Asked by: Ishola - 16 August, 2012 How do I reactivate a corporation I formed a few years a go, but never used for any business? Is the corporation still valid?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 16 August, 2012 Ishola,

This can depend on the state of registration. Generally speaking, in most states corporations are required to file an annual report or franchise tax. When a company fails to comply with these state requirements, the company may be suspended, penalized, or even dissolved by the state.

Without knowing the state your corporation is registered in it's difficult to give you a definitive answer. The best idea would be to contact the state and find out the current status of the business, and they would be able to tell you, if possible, the costs and procedure to reinstate the company. This is something we could research and file for you if needed.


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