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Registering Canadian online business in US

Asked by: Raj  — 7 August, 2013

I have a online business in Canada, I would like to expand it to US. In this regard I have few questions

1. If I want to do business in all 50 states do I need to register in all 50 states?
2. Do I need to have business account in all 50 states?
3. Do I need to file tax in all states where I am register or one federal tax filing?
4. Do US have federal business registration system like in Canada ?

Answered by: admin  — 7 August, 2013


1. If your business doesn’t have physical presence in any of the of the U.S. states you will only need to register it in one state of your choice.

2. You can have bank account in any one state, not necessarily in the state of registration.

3. You need to file federal income tax return, and possibly tax return in the state of registration, typically if your company is a corporation and the state has income tax.

4. There are only few federally registered entities, typically national banks, credit unions etc. Regular businesses register with the states, DC or U.S. territories.

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