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Registering as a foreign entity in another state

Asked by: Chris  — 19 September, 2012

We are a cleaning service LLC licensed and setup in Florida, we just opened another location in Colorado, do we need to register as a foreign entity in Colorado? My bank told me I did not have too but other people have told me I should. What do you advise?

Answered by: admin  — 19 September, 2012


When a business has an office or employees, or its owner(s) is conducting the business in person in a state other than the original state of registration, the company would have to be registered in that state.

In the case of a cleaning business, the company would need to be registered with Colorado either by forming a new business entity, or by having your Florida LLC register as a foreign entity in Colorado.

The company would not need to obtain a new EIN when filing as a foreign entity, nor would the company be required to have a separate company bank account.

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