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Registering an online business - what is the process?

Asked by: Kishor Biradar  — 5 October, 2011

Respected sir,

I am a green card holder in USA. I want to start an online business for service of marketing and advertising. I am currently in Florida, but where will it be better to register the business?  I want to know all the legal procedure to conduct the online business.

Waiting for your response
Thank you

Answered by: admin  — 5 October, 2011


With an online business, you get the freedom of incorporating in any state. Immediately, Wyoming and Delaware come to mind as great candidates for their business-friendly regulations and tax structures. (If you can, click here to see a side by side comparison between these states, commonly referred to as the Corporate Havens).

With that being said, by itself Florida is not such a bad state for form your company, and you might find it more convenient to register your company in the same state where you live (since it will make it easier for you to deduct many business expenses).

You may use your Florida address for the business address regardless of which state you register your company in; please be advised you will need to supply a registered agent to the secretary of state. This is a service we can offer if you needed.

Additionally, typically, you may also open your company’s bank account in Florida, even if the business is not located in that state.

I hope you are able to find this answer helpful.

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