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Registering an LLC in Nevada, Delaware or Colorado?

Asked by: Kyra Coates  — 5 September, 2012

Hi! We are a new export management company, working from a home office in Colorado. Our business is conducted in numerous states as well as internationally. I’m not sure where it is best to form our LLC as I’m unaware if I have to pay sales tax or income tax in Colorado if we form in Nevada or Delaware. Would the tax benefit even apply to us in those states. I appreciate any advice you can offer on this. Thanks!.

Answered by: admin  — 5 September, 2012

Dear Kyra,

If you are running your business from a home in Colorado you technically create what is called “nexus” in Colorado. It means, for example, that your company would need to be registered in Colorado either way, and also any sales of tangible goods to Colorado customers would require you to collect sales tax.

You could still form your company in a different state, such as Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming, however keep in mind that many of the benefits you are hoping to benefit from by doing so would be offset by the fact that you need to register your company as a foreign entity in Colorado.

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