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Registering a corporation in the US

Asked by: Nicolas  — 24 November, 2012

Hi, I??™m looking for some legal advice. I live in, and I??™m citizen from Argentina. Also citizen from Ecuador (double nationality), and I need to open a corporation in the US.

I have experience in investment in the stock market, mostly in the NYSE. Through the time some people has asked me to manage their investment capital in the market. By now I do it through my personal account in a US brokerage firm.

I’ve been thinking, and looking to open a partnership, corporation that allows me to manage third party money and have to know with which, in the case there is any advantage, nationality should I register the corporation.

By now I??™m partner in 2 corporations in Argentina and need to know:

1) Which kind of corporation, partnership, fits better to my needs in the US.

2) The cost and time it will take to complete the process.

3) The requirements to complete the process.

4) Should I go to the US? Or can I do it online?

Thanks for your time and answer.

Answered by: admin  — 24 November, 2012


You can register LLC or C-Corporation, in any US state, and you can do it online. No documentation is needed for the company registration, and it typically takes between $300 and $500, and between 1 and 3 weeks, depending on state of registration and various add-ons you might choose.

The problem is not the actual company registration, but your specific line of business. Most businesses that deal with managing other people’s finances and investments are subject to complicated licensing and compliance requirements. For that I would recommend you to do some research first, before you opt for registering your own company.

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