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Real estate incorporation

Asked by: Jack - 21 September, 2012 I live in California and am buying property in Georgia. What's the best state to incorporate for tax, ease and legal purposes?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 22 September, 2012 Jack,

When a company owns a real estate property in a given state it would have to be registered in that state. Typically, real estate owners choose to register their properties as an LLC, as it is usually more practical and simple to maintain than having it as a corporation. (Please click here to see comparison of LLC vs. Corporation).

In your case, I would suggest registering the property as an LLC in Georgia.

On a side note, if you plan on owning numerous properties, or would like to further separate your personal assets from your LLC properties, you may want to consider the possibility of registering a holding company (such as an LLC or Corporation in the state of Wyoming) to use as the owner of the property-holding LLC's.


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