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Re-domestication of LLC

Asked by: Luiz - 30 January, 2012 I have an LLC registered in Nevada, but now I am relocating to Seattle, WA and planning to do business here. Is it possible to re-domesticate my company to WA, that is to keep it as business entity with its age, history etc.?
Answered by: Felipe Fernandez - 31 January, 2012 Dear Luiz, 

Unfortunately the state of Washington does not allow companies to re-domesticate there. Like most other states, Washington requires you to start a new company there. 

Another option would be for you to create a foreign entity in Washington, which would allow a company to work as a subsidiary for the main company. This way you can retain the company's age and history, but, on the downside, you would need to maintain both the NV entity and the WA foreign entity.


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