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Questions regarding Business Registration

Asked by: Alvin Soon  — 8 December, 2012


I am a non-resident who have recently registered a business called Gloven LLC in the State of NJ.

My questions are:

1. As a foreign individual, what kind of tax filling requirement do I need to have if I doing business here?

2. I registered the business in November 2012, as a multi members LLC. However, my partner choose to opt out and so the business has become a sole proprietorship. Do I inform the State of NJ of the change, or do I just close the business, and re-registered the business again as a sole proprietorship?

3. As the business won??™t have much activity any time soon, do I still need to submit the NJ-Reg form now?

Are there any other matters in regards to business registration or tax matters I should be aware of when doing business in NJ or in the US? Your advice is much appreciated.


Answered by: admin  — 8 December, 2012


If when you filed the LLC you listed the members on the Articles of Organization then you should file an amendment and remove your partner. Also, if you had an Operating Agreement drafted you should amend it (if you haven’t then you should draft one and list yourself as the sole member).

Regardless of activity, all businesses in NJ have to file form NJ-Reg and obtain state tax ID.

Finally, being non-resident you might or might not have to file tax return. I would recommend you to check this IRS chart to establish if you need to file or not, and definitely consult with a CPA (do not decide by yourself).

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