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Query about LLC

Asked by: Mufit  — 23 June, 2013

?° want to form a LLC in Wyoming.
1 – Do i need an accountant?
2 – I will show my company address in my resident country – is it possible?
3 – I am mostly doing business outside of US. Can I publish my invoice and use it giving my origin address and bank account in my country?

Answered by: admin  — 23 June, 2013


1 – you only need an accountant if your company has tax filing obligations in the U.S. A company that has no activity in the U.S. and whose owners are none U.S. persons living abroad then usually it doesn’t need to file anything with tax authorities.

2- Foreign address as primary business is OK.

3 – You can use foreign address and foreign bank account to transact business of a U.S. registered entity, no problem.

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