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Processing time for DBA

Asked by: Brian - 1 September, 2011 How long is the process of actually getting the DBA and opening a bank account under that DBA name?
Answered by: Monique Blanchard - 6 September, 2011 Brian,

It depends on the state and many times county or even town where your business is located (if its sole proprietorship then the state/county/town where you live).

Typically in many states you can visit the county/town clerk and obtain a DBA registration on the spot. Sometimes it would kill half a day, but you would have it done same day. Most of them require the application to be notarized (but provide notary public services on premises) and most of them require a money order as a form of payment (not cash).

If mailed in it could be anywhere between few days and few weeks, again, depending on the state/county/town.


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