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Operating LLC from abroad

Asked by: Jun Xie  — 23 June, 2013


I am a US citizen living in Europe and I want to set up an internet based trading company selling products from China and the US to European customers. For image and legal reasons it is best if I incorporate this in the US. Products will be shipped directly from my suppliers to my customers, so I only work over the internet. Where would I have to pay sales taxes? Also, what are the best states to incorporate for this?
Thank you!

Answered by: admin  — 23 June, 2013


If you are conducting your business solely online without any physical location in any of the U.S. states, such as an office, warehouse, shipping/receiving facility, etc., you can register in any state. Typically Wyoming and Delaware are very good states for international residents to register their business.

We have a research article titled ‘U.S. Companies for Foreigners‘, which compares the top recommended states and guides you through the online application process.

Sales tax can be tricky. I’d like to point you to a question my colleague Robert answered regarding sales tax that I believe you will find helpful, which you can read by clicking here.

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