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Opening new LLC and bank account

Asked by: Surojit - 2 August, 2012 Hi,

We are an Indian IT company and we want to setup an LLC in USA plus a business bank account. Please suggest us which is the best state in terms of paper works and taxation to open a LLC and how we can open a bank account remotely from India.

Thanks in advance
Answered by: Ray Albert - 4 August, 2012 Surojit,

Typically, states such as Delaware or Wyoming are very good states to incorporate your business in as they are commonly referred to as the 'corporate heavens'. While Nevada is also generally considered a corporate heaven, it is usually beneficial to register there if you have a nexus, such as a physical property, office or employees in the state as they have higher registration and maintenance fees, including a mandatory annual business license.

While we could definitely assist with registering your business, we would not be able to assist with opening the company bank account. Banks in the U.S. generally require applicants to appear in person to open the account.


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