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Opening Merchant account without SSN

Asked by: John  — 7 January, 2012

I have setup a online business, have a US LLC company setup, am a irish citizen, have a EIN number but no SSN number.
I need a online payments system which is not Paypal standard ie customer checkouts without leaving my company website–where can I get this? I have tried all the payment companies in usa and they require SSN number to proceed—what is the workaround?

Answered by: admin  — 7 January, 2012


Unfortunately, most US merchant service providers would ask for your SSN, because they want to check your personal credit history. It’s not only the Social Security Number, but they also want a US address for the owner. There is no real way around it.

I believe you should just try to find someone in Ireland that offers merchant services. You might want to contact your bank to see if they offer merchant services. If not then try looking for a processor.

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