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Opening a wine company in USA with importing and distributing licence

Asked by: Laura Ronca  — 9 July, 2012

Dear All, I would like to open a wine importing and distributing company in US. I would like to use a third party warehouse who does fulfillment instead of renting one by myself. I would like to have home office for the manager who will be there. The shareholders will be italian citizens. One italian manager is going to work there. I would like to know what states are the best for this business, what type of company will suit our needs. I also ask for a good law office who practice this business and an estimation of the costs. Thanks

Answered by: admin  — 9 July, 2012

Dear Laura,

To answer your questions I would need some more information. For example, what state is the third party warehouse located in? If you haven’t decided yet on one then what are your ideas about it (you probably did some research by now).

Another question to ask is will this business be an importer and a wholesale distributor only, or you also have plans to sell in retail? Since liquor is heavily regulated, there will be lots of licensing involved, but first we would need to understand the scope of your business, and only then advise further.

You are welcome to email us with your answers and other questions, and we will see how we could help you set it up properly.

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