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Ohio LLC for a small store

Asked by: Tim - 18 August, 2011 I live in Ohio and am looking to open a little mom and pop dollar store. What should I do get an LLC or incorporate, or what exactly? Also if I get an LLC does that give me everything I need to be tax exempt and my tax ID and how much will it cost for an LLC in Ohio?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 18 August, 2011 Dear Tim,

To answer your question I would say an Ohio LLC would work just fine, and on top of the state registration you need to get an EIN (federal tax ID) and Ohio Sales Tax ID number (also called reseller permit).

We can help you with all that and your cost would be in a range of $327 and $717 (depending on what additional services you might want to add on top of the basic cost).

You are welcome to see the prices for Ohio LLC here.


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