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NY Vendor ID

Asked by: rsguegli  — 29 February, 2012

Hi, I currently work as an engineer in the waste water treatment field and I’m trying to get info regarding starting my own company, w/ the goal of being hired by NYS or NYC.
I believe I need a NYS Vendor ID first, correct? Is that the same as a NYS Tax ID Number?
Could you direct me to the site I’ll need to apply for one please.
Thank you

Answered by: admin  — 29 February, 2012

Dear Visitor,

A NYS Tax ID is different from a NY Vendor ID. All New York State Vendors must be registered and assigned a New York State Vendor ID. To establish a NYS Vendor ID, a State Business Unit must initiate the vendor registration process when they want to do business with an entity that is not a registered New York State vendor. The State Business will contact the vendor to collect the information necessary to enroll the vendor in the New York Stat Vendor File.

All businesses that sell taxable tangible personal property or taxable services must register with the Tax Department to obtain a NYS Tax ID. If you need a NYS Tax ID, we can prepare and file this application for you.

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