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Non resident looking for LLC set up

Asked by: Sean Hsu - 28 August, 2012 I am non-resident and lived in Taiwan. I want to open an LLC company to import the goods to USA and sell online in the States. What will be the better state to register my LLC company, Delware or Wyoming? And what is the tax rate of the profit I earned through this sole owned LLC. Many thanks.
Answered by: Ray Albert - 29 August, 2012 Sean,

An LLC is a pass-through entity, meaning the income of the business will be passed-through the LLC directly to your personal income. We offer a free tax-webinar for Non-US entrepreneurs which addresses many common tax questions for international business owners.

Regarding the best state for your business, both Wyoming or Delaware are known as 'corporate heavens'. Generally, Wyoming is a little more cost-effective in terms of registration and annual fees, however each state has their own separate advantages, respectively. I'd like to invite you to read our research article 'Delaware vs. Nevada vs. Wyoming', which I think you will find this side by side comparison helpful in deciding which state best fits your business plan.


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