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Non-resident American starting business in US

Asked by: Prasad - 29 July, 2012 I'm US citizen and currently settled in India. I want to start consultancy business operating from US. Please advise whether I can incorporate without having residence address in US.
Answered by: Ray Albert - 1 August, 2012 Prasad,

Yes, you would be able to incorporate a business (either an LLC or a 'C' Corporation) in the United States without having a U.S. business address.

Keep in mind, while you can use your home address in India as the business address, you will need to have a registered agent address in the state where the business is located. We offer this service available on our entity formation applications.

If you are unsure what state to incorporate in, I would suggest you consider the possibility of registering in Wyoming or Delaware, as they are commonly referred to as the 'corporate heavens'.


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