NJ LLC doing business in NY

Asked by: Allen  — 22 December, 2011

I’m forming an LLC in NJ and will conduct my consulting services in NYC. I have no physical location for my business but the LLC will be registered where i live but as my clients will all be based in New York do i need to file paper work to register as a foreign entity? The only office will be located in NJ.

Answered by: admin  — 22 December, 2011


This is a question that cannot be definitively answered without the review of the particular facts by an attorney.

Generally speaking, in New York a company is subject to foreign registration when, among other factors, “the foreign corporation must do more than make a single contract, engage in an isolated piece of business, or an occasional undertaking; it must maintain and carry on business with some continuity of act and purpose.” And, “the local or intrastate contacts with New York must be permanent, continuous, and regular.”

I hope that answer gives you a clearer picture. If you have any further questions feel free to contact my office at your convenience.

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