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New York LLC owned by no US resident

Asked by: Michele Fancello  — 21 November, 2012

Dear sirs,
I am an European resident and I own a LLC in New York City.
My company is a small press that will publish rare e-books in America.
I don’t have a physical address in NYC and the Company’s address is a mail box in Manhattan. I obtained the EIN recently.
My problem is that I couldn’t open a bank account in New York because banks are asking me to provide an utility bill (Electric or Telephone or Cable…) with the name of my Company and the address on the EIN. But as the address is a mail box I can not provide the bill. Now my business is totally blocked because I don’t have a bank account.
I would be pleased to recive your advice about how opening a bank account in NYC.
Thanks and Best regards
Michele Fancello

Answered by: admin  — 21 November, 2012


Most banks in the U.S. require applicants to appear in person, so if you are able to come to the U.S. you usually have no problem opening the company bank account in one visit. In case like that you can present them with a proof of foreign address (the best proof of address is foreign bank statement). Some online banks like Everbank open accounts remotely, however they do require utility bills as proof of US address.

There are some options you could consider, which we put together in a research article titled ‘U.S. Bank Account‘.

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