New York-based LLC (single member) now in New Jersey?

Asked by: Victoria  — 11 August, 2012

I opened a single member New York LLC in 2010 and recently moved to New Jersey but most of my work is still New York. If I want to be ale to receive the tax incentives of commuting and all the expenses that come along with moving out of state, what are my options? I am getting conflicting answers from both states; NY says I must dissolve, reopen in NJ and then apply for the right to do buisness back in NY – alot of wasted money and paperwork. NJ states all I need to do us file for the right to be a foreign entity and submit a certificate of good standing. What are my best options?

Answered by: admin  — 11 August, 2012

Dear Victoria,

Curiously, both solutions are completely legitimate, although I don’t understand why New York authorities offered you the solution they offered.

In the end, whether you follow the NY advise or NJ advise, you will get more or less the same result – a company authorized to do business in both states. Of course, just foreign qualifying your company in NJ would be much cheaper and faster, and that’s what I would opt for.

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