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New Mexico media production LLC to hire CA business for film?

Asked by: Patrick - 31 August, 2012 I am a managing member of a media production LLC in New Mexico. The New Mexico LLC would like to work with/ hire a CA business (sole proprietor) to produce a film based in CA. Because it is a project with a set time period, would the new mexico LLC have to register with the state of CA as a foreign entity?
Answered by: Roman Fichman, Esq. - 3 September, 2012 Patrick,

FYI, a sole proprietor is not a business. Therefore the answer depends on the nature of the relationship between the NM company and the CAindividual and the extent of contacts the NM company will have in CA.

You should seek the advice of an attorney who would be able to analyze the facts or contact the California Dept of State.


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