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Nevada S-Corp using dba for an eccomerce site, and I am a resident of New York.

Asked by: Visitor  — 10 March, 2012

I have an S-corporation set up in Nevada. I am in the works of putting together an online website that will be selling goods to consumers. My initial plan was to just set up a dba using my brand name under my current corporation. Because I am not a Nevada resident, and I will be dealing with inventory, I am now thinking this might not be the best way to do this because I dont physically live in Nevada. Do you have any recommendations on how to set up my website business?

Answered by: admin  — 10 March, 2012

Dear Visitor,

If you will be conducting your business from New York you will essentially need to register your company in New York State. If you use your Nevada corporation for that purpose you would need to form a foreign entity in New York and obtain a New York sales tax ID. The original entity being a Nevada Corporation would require you to collect sales tax from Nevada customers, so you would have to obtain a sales tax ID there as well.

Since you will be selling online, shipping your goods from New York, then just registering a new company in New York (unrelated to the Nevada entity) might be the easiest route to take. You save the hassle of registering a DBA, forming a foreign entity, and getting sales tax ID in Nevada. The downside is now you have two entities to maintain, however if you have no use for your Nevada corporation you might as well just dissolve it.

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