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Nevada based LLC for new start-up

Asked by: Michael - 19 May, 2012 I am a USA communications designer living in Italy and want to establish a LLC in Nevada for a new start-up project that will not make a profit for the first two years but will eventually sell travel guide apps on a global level. I have a bank account in Colorado with a credit card attached to it that doen't charge for foreign transactions and I'd like to use that here for business expenses. Is it mandatory to have a Nevada based bank account to have a Nevada LLC or can I maintain my Colorado bank?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 23 May, 2012 Michael,

Typically, you would not need to have your bank account in the same state as your business registration. It would be a very good idea to contact your bank in Colorado just to make sure you wouldn't have any issues opening the new business account.

As far as registering your business, this is something we can definitely help with. Being that you do not plan to have physical presence in Nevada, you may want to look at the possibility of registering your business in states such as Wyoming or Delaware instead. The state of Nevada requires their entities to obtain an annual mandatory business license, along with other fees and maintenance costs. Unless you have a physical presence in Nevada, such as an office, employees or physical property, it may not be a very cost effective option to be registered there.


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