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Moving corporation form MN to FL

Asked by: Ieva - 11 June, 2012 My corp is registered in MN, but I moved to FL and continue working from home. Do I need to register in FL?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 11 June, 2012 Ieva,

You should have the company registered in Florida, as by conducting your business physically from Florida it could be argued that you have a physical presence in the state. Additionally, with the help of an accountant, having your business registered in your home state will also allow you many tax-write off advantages.

There are a few ways you could go about having your business registered in Florida:

1. You could redomesticate your existing business, which allows you to move your Minnesota Corporation to the state of Florida. This way your corporation would retain the original filing date and EIN. You would need to dissolve the MN entity after it was domesticated in Florida, and in general this process is a bit more complex and more expensive than the alternative one in (2):

2. Alternatively, you could file a new company in the state of Florida and dissolve the Minnesota entity, which may cost a little less, if you don't mind having a new filing date and EIN.


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