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Monthly cost of maintaining a company

Asked by: anton - 20 May, 2013 What is the monthly cost of maintaining a company (accountant + other similar expences)?
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 20 May, 2013 Anton,

The cost of maintaining a company can be broken into four main categories:

1) State fees: depending on the state of registration those fees could be an annual report fee, biennial report fee, franchise tax, etc. Also, some states have both the annual report fee and franchise tax (like California), or none at all (like New Mexico LLC).

2) Registered Agent fee: if you use the services of a commercial Registered Agent then there is an annual fee for that service, due on anniversary. Our Registered Agent service comes at $99 per year of service, and it's possible to prepay for a few years in advance for a small discount.

3) Accounting & Bookkeeping: the cost of those services varies greatly, and each firm has it's own pricing as well as terms. It is a good idea to contact several firms and get their pricing for those services. Keep in mind, cost bookkeeping would often depend on volume of monthly transactions.

4) Income taxes: depending on your company type and your legal status in the U.S. your company income might or might not be subject to income taxation. Your accountant will be in a position to give you estimates for those taxes.


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