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Membership privacy carried over to California?

Asked by: DelawareLLCCurious - 9 April, 2012 Hi,
My 2 partners and I want to form a Delaware member-managed LLC but operated in California. However one partner does not want this information known publicly. I understand Delaware LLC offers member privacy. When we register our Delaware LLC as a foreign business in California, will that partner's membership be known publicly?
Answered by: Ray Albert - 12 April, 2012 Dear Visitor,

As every state has their own public listing of registered entities, respectively, it is very common for one state to provide the public with different information regarding the business details than another.

California state does not show the members' names on registered LLC's in the state. The information provided to the public contains the entity name, the registered business address, as well as the company's Registered Agent.

With that being said, keep in mind that California requires all LLCs to file a Statement of Information, listing all the members, so although this information is not immediately available to the public the state does keep this information in its records.


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