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Asked by: Oksana  — 14 February, 2012

Good day. I am Ukrainian citizen and temporarily live in the USA as F1 student. I am interested in extending my business and would like to incorporate a company in the USA which will be involved in selling sports products and sports equipment. Two questions arised in regard to incorporation I would like to be familiar with:
1. I looked through order form and it seems like I have to fill out an address in Ukraine. Since I reside in the USA right now I want you to send a package of documents to my American address. Is it possible?
2. How long does usually it take to incorporate a company from the moment of receiving an order?

Answered by: admin  — 14 February, 2012

Dear Oksana,

1. Since you are in the US I would recommend you to use the option for US residents, which would allow you to enter a US address. The form would require SSN, so if you don’t have it you can simply put all zeros and explain your situation in the comments. If your business address will be in Ukraine you can specify that in the comments as well.

2. The processing time of the order depends on the state and whether you expedite it or not. The processing time can range from just 24 hours to 3 months in some states. Please consult the processing times present on the form to see how long it would take place to register a company in the state of your choice.

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