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LLC formation - Nevada or Wyoming

Asked by: Michelle  — 2 July, 2012

I live abroad, and have a mailing address in IL to forward all my mailing address. I am interested in forming a LLC either in Nevada or Wyoming. My business is consulting and online forum. What are advantages and disadvantages of LLC in Nevada, and Wyoming

Answered by: admin  — 2 July, 2012


Both Nevada and Wyoming, along with Delaware are considered the incorporation heavens. Each of these states has their own advantages to registering your business in for different reasons.

Typically speaking, Nevada can sometimes come at a disadvantage for an online consulting company as the state requires you to get a mandatory business license every year, along with other registration and annual fees. Wyoming, on the other hand, is usually more cost-efficient to register and maintain for a business of that nature.

I’d like to invite you to read our research article ‘Incorporating in Delaware vs. Nevada vs. Wyoming‘. I believe you would find this side by side comparison very helpful. Also, if you click any of the highlighted states above, it will offer details about incorporating in those specific states, respectively.

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