LLC address for a foreigner

Asked by: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa  — 28 August, 2011

When incorporating in the US as a foreigner, what is the best way to have a local address (for mail and to make the whole presence look more professional)? I know there are mail forwarders and “virtual offices”, but not sure what’s the right one for the case, I’m kind of confused. Also, in the case of the address given to the IRS when the company is opened, can it be a non-US address? Can it be changed later?

Answered by: admin  — 28 August, 2011

Dear Marcelo,

First of all, you can use a foreign address as business or mailing address with the IRS when obtaining an EIN for your company. You can change it later without a problem.

If you want to get a physical address in the US without the need to lease an actual property or office you can do so using various services. You already mentioned virtual offices and mail forwarders, I would add another source – UPS Stores. You can rent a box (remotely) in any UPS store anywhere in the US and use their address and your box number as the “suite” number.

Keep in mind though that having a US address might not be enough for example if you need it to open a bank account. Many banks might require you to present a utility bill associated with this address.

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