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Living in TX, occasional seller at gunshows out-of-state

Asked by: Cristina - 27 November, 2012 I am thinking of forming a mobile business (no store front - occasional seller at gunshows on weekends in NV, AZ, CA and UT), but my home is in TX. What kind of licenses do I need to do this other than sellers permits from these states? How/where do I file income tax?
Answered by: Mary Dubitsky - 29 November, 2012 Cristina,

Of those states only Utah and California require state-specific licenses to sell guns at a gun show. In California, a valid Federal Firearm Dealer License (FFL) and a California Certificate of Eligibility is needed to sell firearms at a gun show. Utah also requires an FFL along with a Utah Transaction Form for Gun Dealers. Both Nevada and Arizona are unregulated in the sense that they only require an FFL to sell firearms. And all four states require a criminal background check through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) of the customer before selling a firearm.


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