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living in CA but registering company outside CA

Asked by: Manish  — 19 July, 2012

Me and my friends want to start web development business. we are based in California. but want to know if we can register our company in Delaware/WY/Nevada? How should we go about it? Any issues if we are physically based in CA? ??ur bank accounts are in CA etc.

Answered by: admin  — 19 July, 2012


With a web-based business, there can be some gray area when deciding what state to register in.

For example, when you use a virtual office as the business address, you may technically register your business in any state, such as Delaware or Wyoming. If you have a nexus in California state, such as an office, employees or property owned/rented by the business, then you would need to be registered in California state.

Keep in mind that while registering in a different state would spare you California’s annual $800 franchise tax, if you plan on writing off your business expenses in California, you may wind up creating a nexus in the state to where you would need to register there anyway as a foreign entity.

While we can help register your business in any state, it’s always a good idea to discuss your business plans with an accountant.

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