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Licenses for property maintenance

Asked by: chris - 9 March, 2013 What licences are required to do basic maintenance and design around the house and property?
Answered by: Mary Dubitsky - 11 March, 2013 Chris,

Depending on the state(s) you are operating in, you may need a state wide Basic Business License. Not all states offer these, so you may instead need a Basic Business License at the local level (city, county).

If you have employees, you will be required to register for payroll tax (withholding and unemployment) in each state where your employees work or live. If you are selling a taxable service, you may be required to register to pay state sales tax.

There may also be an industry specific license, depending on the jurisdiction and specific activities performed by the business. For example, you may be required to obtain a Landscape Contractors License or a Landscape Maintenance Personnel Certification.


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