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Is an LLC for a non-resident possible?

Asked by: Marcelo de Moraes Serpa - 19 April, 2011 Being a foreigner, is it possible to establish a LLC in the US? I ask this because another service akin to yours asked me the SSN (Social Security Number) when I was trying to checkout in other to get the EIN in the IRS. Is that true or is there a workaround?
Answered by: Alec Green - 19 April, 2011 Dear Marcelo,

It is absolutely possible for a foreigner to start an LLC in the U.S. The only type of a business organization that foreigners cannot start are S-Corporations.

On, once you get to the screen that says "STEP 1: Pricing" just click at the link up top, titled "International Clients: click here if you live outside of US" and you will be directed to a form designed for foreign clients that does not ask for a social security number. If you are a foreigner living in the U.S and you prefer to fill out a U.S. form, just leave all zeros in place of the social security number and our representatives will know what to do.


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