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Irish Internet Start-Up - tax implications

Asked by: Micheal McDonnell - 21 June, 2011 Irish Internet start-up.

I have become a limited company in Ireland, could you tell me what advantages or disadvantages would their be by becoming a corporation in the USA as thats where the company will really be based and where most sales will be made??

What are the Tax implications be?

Could I be taxed in both countries?
Answered by: Monique Blanchard - 28 June, 2011 Michael,

If most of your sales will be in the United States, it is definitely a good idea to have your company incorporated there. If you are selling physical products, one immediate advantage for your company would be paying much, much less in shipping costs. Depending on the state you chose to incorporate in would affect your taxes and subsequent advantages and disadvantages in different ways. It's hard to fully answer your question without knowing the extent of your business plans.

One slight disadvantage would be the requirement of a Registered Agent. Regardless of the state you choose to incorporate in here in the United States, your company would be required to maintain a physical name and address to receive service of process from the Secretary of State. This is a service we provide at an annual cost of $99, so its really not a deal breaker.

Unfortunately I am not a licensed attorney or accountant, so I am not sure if you would be subject to taxation by both countries. That is definitely a question best suited for those respective professionals.

I hope this answer was helpful to your question.


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