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Irish Internet Start-Up

Asked by: Micheal McDonnell - 3 June, 2011 Can a Irish Internet Start-Up be based in Ireland but Primarily Focus on the US Market with sales and services, even if the company owners do not have a business or work visa??

I want to set up in New York, so can i legally rent warehousing or sign up a distribution service?? 
Answered by: Alex Zehn - 7 June, 2011 Micheal,

Any individual can own a company in the US, regardless of their immigration status. Such entity (an LLC or C-Corporation) will then be able to open a business bank account (but you as representative needs to be present in the US to do so), rent warehouse and collect payments from US customers as any other US company.

The choice of state for forming your company would depend on your business needs. New York might not be the best choice, since you are running an internet business, and I would recommend considering Delaware or Wyoming. You can open a bank account in New York even if your company is registered in any of those two states.


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