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Incorporation packages

Asked by: Lance - 3 January, 2012 What do I need to be totaled protected and inline with my corporation. Many other sites play on the fact that buyers will not be protected unless they pay for certain packages. It's the Legal scare and it costs more than $1200.00? I need to get my company set up first.
Answered by: Robert Kowalski - 5 January, 2012 Dear Lance,

I would say it is always recommended to consult a business attorney licensed in the state where you plan to register the business entity before doing so. Many states have various formalities you need to have in place in order to ensure the limited liability is maintained.

The basic formalities you should maintain regardless of the state of formation are bylaws and minutes of meetings for corporations, operating agreement for LLC, and have a separate business bank account for the business. An attorney would be able to present you with a complete list of formalities in your state.

I cannot comment on the packages offered by other companies without carefully studying them, but your assessment ("legal scare") is probably closer to the truth than not.


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