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Incorporation in NY business in PA

Asked by: Endeavor - 24 August, 2012 Hello!

I operate an LLC incorporated in NY and I want to do business in PA. What is the bets way to go about doing that? Creating a subsidiary in PA, incorporating the business in PA also, or creating some foreign entity with an operating permit in PA?

Answered by: Ray Albert - 25 August, 2012 Endeavor,

If you are looking to operate your business in multiple states, you could file your NY LLC as a foreign entity in Pennsylvania. This would have your business registered as an active entity in both states, and is commonly the filing process companies use to expand in multiple states.

Keep in mind, while the company would keep the same EIN, any state issued licenses/permits, such as a state sales/use permit, would need to be applied through Pennsylvania state as well.


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